A Creative Confidence Challenge

I’ve never been a particularly strong writer – I’ve always felt disconnected from my writing, especially when I knew it was going to be shared with other eyes. My writing always felt overly formal and robotic. And taking English classes in college only reinforced my formality. Every essay I wrote followed a clear structure: I was always locked in the confines of a prompt, thesis, and supporting paragraphs. Aside from private blog entries I kept over the years, I’ve never really written in an informal setting.

So why write now?

I had a realization I was sleeping for the last year. I was feeling stuck and uninspired, cushioned by the same routine day after day. I had little self-awareness on the type of woman I was, and I wasn’t sure what kind of woman I wanted to be either.

There’s a kind of mindfulness that comes hand in hand with writing. I firmly believe writing can be one of the most intimate experiences you can have with yourself. Unlike a conversation with a friend, you don’t necessarily have someone to bounce ideas off of. Your thoughts and writing are exclusively yours, unfiltered. You don’t have to be a natural born-writer to be good at it – creativity lies in every single one of us. I like to believe creative confidence comes with patience and practice.

I’m not totally sure what direction this blog will take or even what kind of content I want to zone in on, but I wanted to start with a challenge to post content at least every two weeks. I’m hoping writing in a public forum forces me to be accountable to honor this commitment and is cathartic in writing about my experiences along the way.

Cheers to new beginnings.

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