Ch-ch-ch-changes: Moving to Dallas and the Hidden Costs of Relocation

After a whole blog post dedicated to making promises to post consistently, another month just flew by and so did my lack of content.

This is mainly due to the fact I just moved to Dallas.

Dream job aside, there are dozens of reasons why I moved to begin with; however, I wanted to take advantage of this post to specifically discuss the costs of relocating to another state.

The timeline between the job offer and start date was incredibly tight. I didn’t have housing, I didn’t have a car, and the company wasn’t providing relocation services. Although I knew relocation in theory would be expensive, I didn’t understand the gravity of how expensive the move would really be. I was lucky I already had friends and family in Dallas that were willing to help me with the transition. Here’s a budget breakdown of my move (so far) in Dallas:

1. The options I had to move my things to Dallas were either to rent a U-Haul, drive myself with my dad, or ship my things through UPS. It was more economical to ship my things out and buy a one-way plane ticket to Dallas because my dad already had a discount through his company.

Cost of Shipping + One Way Plane Ticket = $411

2. It’s nearly impossible to get around Dallas (or Texas in general) without a car. My uncle shopped around for cars in Dallas before I flew there and found a used Lexus with good mileage. When you relocate to a new state, you need to update your license plate and driver’s license as well. You also have the option to purchase a Toll Tag – an electronic device that provides discounts while driving on tolled highways (and yes, most of Texas operates on massive highways).

Car Including Insurance +Toll Tag + License Plate = $6724

4. I had a rough idea of which neighborhoods I’d ideally like to live in, but I didn’t have the time to tour apartments before my start date. I was also insistent on not getting a random roommate. A friend introduced me to her brother and his girlfriend in Dallas when she learned of the move, and together they helped me find a studio apartment in Northern Dallas. The studio is fairly small, but it’s the first time I get to live completely on my own. I fell in love with the layout, and it’s close to trendy restaurants and bars.

Rent for a Studio + Security Deposit + Renter’s Insurance = $1405

5. Since I only shipped the bare minimum of clothes, shoes, and accessories to Dallas, I had to buy everything else for my apartment from scratch. I have yet to buy a real mattress, although I’m eyeing the beauty that is the Casper mattress. Instead, I bought the minimum necessities for my apartment. This figure also includes a week’s worth of groceries and kitchen supplies.

Basic Furniture + Supplies = $487

Total: $9027


I think the learning lesson from my first chapter of real adulting is to be more mindful of moving expenses and how to budget more wisely. The initial costs of relocating don’t include the other things I’m eventually going to have to invest in or get charged for down the road including internet, utilities, and bigger furniture items. My car expenses ate up the majority of my budget, and I’m not sure if the costs of relocating to a bigger city (Seattle, NYC, DC, etc) would be more or less the same. I plan on furnishing my apartment in increments, and I have a pretty good idea of my ideal aesthetic. I still have items to check off before I’m really settled in Dallas, and the transition has been rocky at times; however, I’m incredibly excited to start my new life here.

One thought on “Ch-ch-ch-changes: Moving to Dallas and the Hidden Costs of Relocation

  1. Moving is usually stressful so I appreciate the tips you gave for making it an easier. For residential moving I think I’ll leave it to professionals next time around that should make things go much quicker. Thanks for the moving tips!


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